Hire a Corporate and Professional Bartending Services Toronto ON

“Masters of Drink” – changing the game!

Our Drink and Cocktail Making Workshops and Events harmonize perfectly into a variety of settings to create a customized, playful and creative experience. Whether you are hosting a corporate event, we’ll provide you Corporate Bartending Service in Mississauga, a home party or a Stag and Doe, it goes without saying that people enjoy celebrating with a good drink! At Canadian Bar Company we go a few steps further, providing not only the highly anticipated Professional Bartending Service in Mississauga but also the entertainment as we teach you how to combine, mix, twirl and shake. Hire a Bartender in Toronto.

We want to instill our passion and knowledge of the world of alcohol mixology and professional bartending services with you! Let us plan your next event to meticulous standards, a personable customer experience and a creative alcohol menu!